Ākāsa Chethiya 2:3 Female (2009)

[Chethiya = sthupa/pagoda]

She was born in 2009 at Medha Pāra. Her mother is the legendary Medha Para 2:4 Female. Later on, she became rarely seen around the Ākāsa Chethiya area. Her territory includes Ākāsa Chethiya, Ali Gala, and Spill Road.

In August 2016, she was photographed at the Ākāsa Chethiya Road, with a female cub (Ākāsa Chethiya 2:2 female) who was about 5/6 months old. That cub had a very secretive life and the next confirmed photograph came in March 2018 and was taken close to Patanangala.

In August 2019, the Ākāsa Chethiya 2:3 female was recorded with another female cub around Spill Road, which is the Chethiya Road 2:3 female.

She prefers to live a secretive life and has passed on the same predilection to her offspring as well.



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