Buthawa Spill 2:3 Female

Buthawa Spill 2:3 female was a well-built female compared to her peers and she established her territory around Buthawa Spill Road, Meynet Wewa, Ruk Vila, and Padi Kema.

Due to a lack of photography evidence, it has been difficult to trace her first few litters. However, she is the mother of the famous 2011 litter of Rukvila (Padi Kema) three cubs. They were designated as the Patanangala 3:3 male cub, Patanangala 3:2 male cub, and the Patanangala 3:2 female cub.

She was seen around Buthawa Spill Road, Ruk Vila (Padi Kema), and Patanangala areas.



Leopard Trails Female