Galalukada Wewa 5:4 Male

[Wewa = tank/reservoir]

Galalukada Wewa 5:4 male is one massive male leopard that was first seen in 2015 (for identification), in Galalukada Wewa and in the Heen Wewa area. He has also been sighted around the areas of Sathmaga, Pemdas Alley, Galalukada Wewa, and New Road.

In September 2020, he was seen close to Ginikasayā Wala in the Jamburagala Road. Lately, he was mostly seen around Ondatchee and Sithulpawwa road.

There were sightings of this male in 2020 and 2021, around Ginikasaya Wala, Sithulpawwa road close to Heen Wewa wildlife office areas.



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