Gerimas Pokuna 2:2 Female (2015/16)

[Pokuna = pond]

Gerimas Pokuna 2:2 female was initially recorded in 2016 around the Gerimas Pokuna area in the North part of Yāla block 1. Her brother was Gerimas Pokuna 1:2 male. Their mother is unknown.

She was one of the most easily distinguishable leopards in the park due to the striking difference in her eye colors. Her right eye is creamy colored like an owl’s while the other had a rich honey hue to it. This situation is known as Heterochromia iridum

Though she was born around Gerimas Pokuna, by March 2017, she was sighted at the Warahana area and she was sighted at the Warahana Bungalow Road, close to the Warahana Bridge, several times.

Again in April 2017, she appeared at Gerimas Pokuna. Since then there are no confirmed records of this female.



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