Heen Wewa 2:3 Male

[Wewa = tank/reservoir]

Heen Wewa 2:3 male is one big male and was first photographed in March 2010, near Karawgas Wala. In July 2010, he was photographed in Welmalkema.

In June 2017, he was found at Heen Wewa, and at that time he was badly injured. His face was scattered with wounds that were still bloody at the time. In May 2018, he was seen again near the Heen Wewa area and he appeared to have fully recovered from his ordeal. Those scar marks which decorate his face tells us that he is a bruiser and won’t take the diplomatic route with his neighbors. His territory was overlapping with the territories of the Rathmal Wala 4:5 male, Ginikasayā Wala 2:3 male, and the Galalukada Wewa 5:4 male.

He has been photographed in the Heen Wewa area, Gōnagala, Tanki Gala, and near Sithulpawwa Road.



Leopard Trails Male

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