Jamburagala 3:3 Male

[Gala = rock]

As he was large in size, he was large in personality. Already in his prime when we first saw him in 2009, this impressive male stood out due to his missing left eye. This injury is what caused him to be named Ivan (Eye-One).

He was frequently seen around the Jamburagala area which was teeming with prime real-estate as it had many rocky outcrops up for grabs. The southern part of Yāla was run by Ivan and notable areas included the Palatupāna Entrance, Pattiya Wala, Mahaseelawa, Jamburagala, Heen Wewa, Ondaatje Bungalow, Magul Mahā Vihāra, and up to Bambāwa. Due to his large territory, he was not often seen, but when he did appear he commanded the respect he deserved.

Despite his injury, Ivan continued to hunt and feed himself out of sheer will and was last seen in late 2014, looking very weak as old age had finally caught up to him.



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