Meynert Wewa 4:4 Female (2011)

[Wewa = tank/reservoir]

Meynert Wewa 4:4 Female is a part of the famous Ruk Vila litter of 2011. Her brothers are the Meynert Wewa 4:3 male and the Meynert Wewa 5:4 male. Because they were quite habituated around human presence, there were ample photo opportunities that elevated them to stardom.

In 2013 and 2014, there were no confirmed sightings of her.

But in 2015, she was photographed around Vihanga Wala area.

After a long break, she appeared again around Spill Road in June 2017. There was a sighting between Būthawa Wewa and Gōnagala Wewa in February 2018.

Like all celebrities eventually do, she decided to shy away from the limelight. As of late, the word is that she holds her territory around Buthawa Ground, Buthawa Wewa, Maliththankotu Wala, and Buthawa-Gōnagala Road up to Gōnagala Wewa.



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