Sath Vila Road 3:2 Male (2017)

[Vila = lake]

Sath Vila Road 3:2 male was first photographed in April 2018, around Kohombakema of Sath Vila road with his brother, the Sath Vila Road 2:3 male. Their mother is unknown and yet to be identified. It is fair to assume that their mother’s territory includes the areas of Sath Vila Road, New Road and, Sithulpawwa Temple.

In August 2018, the brothers were seen and photographed around the same area. Still, no confirmed sightings were recorded in 2019 for this male. Since late 2020, this male started to appear close to the Korawak Wewa, Halmilla Wewa, Weli Wala, Katagamuwa Entrance, and the Katagamuawa Wildlife Sanctuary.

Like his brother, he is a shy male but unlike him, he is getting used to being in the presence of safari vehicles. In early 2021, he was also seen around the above mentioned areas.



Leopard Trails Male

Recent Sightings

  • 8th April 2021 at Korawak Wewa