Warahana 2:3 Female (2005)

[Warahana = name of an area]

Warahana 2:3 female is an elusive but confident female. She is a legendary female who was living in the North of Yāla block 1. She made frequent appearances around the North of Yāla block 1 for a very long time.

She was born in the year 2005. The very first time she was recorded with a cub, was at the Darshana Wewa with a male cub in 2012 (That cub is the Darshana Wewa 2:2 male). Later in that year, she mated with one of the most dominant males of that area who was the Thalgasmankada 5:4 male, aka “Scarface or Kan-kota”.

In 2015, she had a litter of three female cubs. This family gave us so many memorable sightings and they were constantly monitored around further North. In March 2017, she was seen with her last litter with two cubs, at New Road. By August 2017, when she was seen again, she was with only one cub and she had some observable issue with her gait. By November 2017, she was seen alone.

In January 2018, her left eye looked half-blind. Later on, she was seen at the Kotābendi Wewa, on the 20th of January 2018. She was last seen back in New Road, in February 2018. Thereafter, she healed from her wounds and had no issues with her gait. That was her last confirmed sighting.

Her territory was around the areas of Warahana Bungalow Road, Warahana, Y – Junction, Thalgasmankada, Darshana Wewa, and New Road.



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