Weli Wala 2:3 Male (2020)

[Weli = Sand , Wala = Water hole]

Weli Wala 2:3 male was first seen and photographed in early 2020. We assume he was born in late 2019. It took some time to find out the mother of this male as she was very shy. His mother is the Weli Wala 4:3 female.

This male is seen in his mother’s territory which includes the areas of Katagamuwa Wewa, Weli Wala, Pahalahenthota, Halmilla Wewa, Korawak Wewa, and Sithulpawwa Road (close to the Katagamuwa Entrance).

He is a bold and confident male. In the early half of 2021, he started to travel beyond his mother’s territory and he was seen around Gerimas Pokuna and Alikatupalassa several times.



Leopard Trails Male