Agil Wala 2:2 Male (2019/20)

[Agil = Red cedar (Erythroxylum monogynum), Wala = Waterhole]

This male was first seen and photographed in February 2020, with his sister, the Agil Wala 2:2 Female, around Agil Wala of Medha Pāra. Their mother is the Mōdharagala 2:3 female and this is her second known litter. 

Unlike his sister, this male is confident in the presence of vehicles.

He is mostly seen around Agil Wala and Ehelagas Wala of Medha Pāra and from time to time, around Mōdharagala. In January 2021 he was seen at Modhara Gala with a wound on his forehead. In early March 2021, this male gave us an incredible sighting of a fail hunt of a buffalo calf. From time to time he gave several sightings around the above-mentioned areas in the early half of 2021.


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