Mōdharagala 2:3 Female

[Gala = rock]

Mōdharagala 2:3 female was first photographed at Medha Pāra in May 2012.

Then in November 2016, she was spotted again at Medha Pāra, and in the same month, she was spotted on Mōdharagala. It seems that by that time, she established her territory there.

In March 2017, she mated with the Medha Pāra 2:3 male around the Mōdharagala area. In February 2018, she was seen with three cubs, all of which were about five months old. That was her first know litter. But in March, only two cubs were seen. Those two cubs grew up to adulthood and they are designated as the Mōdharagala 3:3 female (2018) and the Mōdharagala 3:4 male (2018).

Occasionally, she was seen with her two cubs near Medha Pāra, Ehelagas Wala, and Kotābendi Wewa. The cubs separated from her in early 2019.

In February 2020, she was seen at Agil Wala of Medha Pāra with her latest litter of two cubs. One cub had a deformity in its left eye. Since then for six to seven months, no one of this family was sighted. In October 2020, one of the cubs (The same one with the eye deformity – Agil Wala 2:2 male) appeared around Agil Wala with a completely recovered eye. Other cub, Agil Wala 2:2 female also recorded from Kotabadhi Wewa and Modharagala areas.

In March 2021 this female was seen mating with Galalukada Wewa 3:3 male at Chaithya road and again in April 2021 with Medha Para 2:3 male at Medha para.


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