Mōdharagala 3:3 Female (2017)

[Gala = rock]

Mōdharagala 3:3 female was born in late 2017, around Mōdharagala with her siblings, the Mōdharagala 3:4 male and one unidentified cub (which didn’t survive). They were first photographed in February 2018, around Mōdharagala. Their mother is the Mōdharagala 2:3 female.

Occasionally, the mother and cubs were seen around Mōdharagala and Ehalagas Wala of Medha Pāra.

In January 2019, she stole a deer carcass from the Mōdharagala 1:1 female after a small fight, at the nearby Komā Wewa.

In May 2019, she was frequently seen around Rawum Wala and Ehelagas Wala.

She disappeared for a few weeks and in January 2020 (21st of January to be exact), she appeared in Atulla in the Nimalawa Sanctuary (She has moved roughly about 25 KMs from her birth area). There were several sightings of this female around the same area in the year 2020.


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There are three cubs in this video. But only two of them survived which are the Modhara Gala 3:4 Male and Modhara Gala 3:3 Female

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