Mōdharagala 3:4 Male (2017)

[Gala = rock]

Mōdharagala 3:4 male was born in late 2017, around the Mōdharagala area with his siblings, the Mōdharagala 3:3 female and an unidentified cub (who didn’t survive). Their mother is the Mōdharagala 2:3 female.

They were first seen in February 2018. Occasionally, the mother and the cubs were seen around Mōdharagala and Ehelagas Wala of Medha Pāra.

By March 2019, he separated from his mother and moved towards Kotasiyabale and Andhun Oruwa Wewa. The same month, he was seen at Digan Wala, sharing a kill with the Pan Wala 2:2 male and the Yāla Junction 2:2 female.

Since April 2019, together with the Pan Wala 2:2 male, the Mōdharagala 3:4 male interacted with the mother and female cub of the Suduwelimulla family. These two males shared a few kills with this family.

On 30th May 2019, the Mōdharagala 3:4 male and Pan Wala 2:2 male made an axis deer kill at Digan Wala, joined together (which is unusual). Later, Suduwelimulla 3:3 female also joined the two lads to partake in the kill.

In February 2020, around the Kotasiyabale, there was a serious fight between the Mōdharagala 3:4 male and Pan Wala 2:2 male. Pan Wala 2:2 quickly seized the initiative and asserted his dominance over the Mōdharagala 3:4 male.

In late February and early March 2020, Mōdharagala 3:4 male was seen in Suduwelimulla.

However, since June 2020, he was mostly spotted around the areas of Kotasiyabale, Komā Wewa, and Rawum Wala of Medha Pāra.


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There are three cubs in this video. But only two of them survived which are the Modhara Gala 3:4 Male and Modhara Gala 3:3 Female

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