Suduwelimulla 3:3 Female (2017)

[Sudu = white, Weli = sand, Mulla = corner]

Suduwelimulla 3:3 female was first photographed in January 2018, as a cub around the Suduwelimulla area with her mother, the Yāla junction 2:2 female.

In March 2018, around the same area, the Kosgasmankada 2:3 male shared a buffalo kill with the mother and cub. Since April 2019, the Pan Wala 2:2 male and the Mōdharagala 3:4 male interacted with this family. Those two males shared a few kills with these ladies.

She was seen mating with the Pan Wala 2:2 male at Kotasiyabale in July 2020. In late 2020, she was frequently seen in the company of the Pan Wala 2:2 male around Kotasiyabala, Yāla Junction, Diwulmandiya, Digan Wala, and Suduwelimulla. She is currently living in her mother’s initial territory as her mother has ceded that territory to her and has now shifted towards the areas of Komā Wewa and Rawum Wala.

Suduwelimulla 3:3 female was seen around Andhun Oruwa, Yāla Junction, Kotasiyabale, Suduwelimulla, Digan Wala, Gōnalahaba Ground, and Medha Pāra.

Though the couple (Pan Wala male and Suduwelimulla female) was seen together so many times for almost a year now, Pan Wala male has not been able to make her conceive. Since the end of March and in April 2021 she had to face a competition with Rakina Wala 3:3 female to keep her longtime lover Pan Wala male. This trio was seen several times hanging out together around Gonalahaba plain, Suduwelimulla and Yala junction areas.



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