Rakina Wala 3:3 Female (2011)

[Wala = waterhole]

Rakina Wala 3:3 female was first photographed as a cub in December 2011, with her mother the Rakina Wala 2:2 female, around the Yāla Wewa and the Yāla Junction area. She was mostly seen around the Rakina Wala area.

Since February 2012, she was not seen in block 1. After almost nine years of disappearance, she came back to block 1, in March 2021. She was seen mating with Pan Wala 2:2 male around Gonalahaba plain, Medha Paara, Suduwelimulla and Yala Wewa area. The assumption we draw here is Rakina Wala female was living in block 2, adjacent to Manik River, and Pan Wala male expanded his territory up to there. As Rakina Wala female was in her estrus, she followed Pan Wala male back to Block 1. It will be very interesting to see her next moves. Anyway, it was clear that Suduwelimulla 3:3 female was having a big competition with Rakina Wala female to win the Pan Wala male.



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