Rakina Wala 2:2 Female (2005/06)

[Wala = waterhole]

Rakina Wala 2:2 female was born in late 2005, around the Andhun Oruwa area. Her mother is unknown and she had a brother, who was the Andhun Oruwa 4:3 male.

She has been photographed around the areas of Kotasiyabale, Yāla Junction, Andhun Oruwa, Suduwellimulla, Diganwala, and Gōnalahaba.

She was a confident female and she was the mother of the Ganga Para 2:2 male(2009), Rakina Wala 3:3 female (2011), and the Suduwelimulla 3:2 male, aka “Sellā” (2014). There was a young male cub seen around the Rakina Wala area, designated as the Rakina Wala 2:2 male cub in 2013, of which we could not determine the mother. We assume that cub could be from her 2013 litter.

Occasionally, she was seen with the legendary Andhun Oruwa 3:3 male, aka “Hāmu” in her territory.

She was seen mating with Hāmu again in January 2016, around the Suduwelimulla area, but there is no evidence of any cubs after the 2014 litter. She was last seen in late 2016.



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