Suduwelimulla 3:2 Male (2014)

[Sudu = white, Weli = sand, mulla = corner]

Suduwellimulla 3:2 male was first photographed in July 2014, at the Suduwelimulla with his mother, the Rakina Wala 2:2 female. He was nicknamed “Sella”.

From the start, he was a healthy male and was good at socializing with his mother. He was photographed by us, as a young male, around the areas of Suduwellimulla, Digan Wala, and Andhun Oruwa. There were frequent opportunities as he was a confident leopard.

In July 2015, there was a really interesting sighting at Andhun Oruwa. This young leopard was seen sharing a kill with the legendary Andhun Oruwa 3:3 male aka “Hāmu” and his own mother.

By July 2017, he moved to Ruk Vila and was trying to establish his territory there. In the same month, he was seen mating with the Rawum Wala 3:3 female in Ruk Vila. In April 2018, he was seen mating with the Ruk vila 3:4 female at Ruk Vila. In November 2018, he was seen around Ali Gala, mating with the Ali Gala 4:3 female.

In the year 2019, he was seen at several places irregularly, including Pemdas Vila and Gōnalahaba Ground (Both areas in June 2019). In July 2019, he was seen fighting with the young Kaluwara Bōkkuwa 2:3 male while his mother the Rawum Wala 3:3 female was also present.

After a long hiatus, he returned to Gōnalahaba in July 2020. On the 10th of July, he was seen with the Pan Wala 2:2 male. Though we didn’t observe them fighting, there was mounting tension between the two. After that, he wasn’t seen again but the Pan Wala 2:2 male continued to appear again and again in that area. In September 2020, the Pan Wala 2:2 male was noted with some wounds on his face and at the same time, the Suduwelimulla 3:2 male was also noted with the same type of wounds on his face. He was seen several times at Ruk Vila in September and October 2020.

In December 2020, he was seen with the Ruk Vila 1:1 male together at Medha Pāra. Then in March 2021, he was seen at Galalukada Wewa which is far away from his known territory. It would be very interesting to see his next move regarding territories.



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