Rawum Wala 3:3 Female (2008/09)

[Rawum = round, Wala = waterhole]

Rawum Wala 3:3 female was born in late 2008 around Gonalahaba plain and Medha Pāra area. Then she was photographed around the Kotābendi Wewa area in June 2011. She managed to establish her territory successfully around Rawum Wala, Ākāsa Chethiya road on Medha Pāra and Kotasiyabala once she was mature enough.

She has proven her innate ability to foster successful litters by producing three. In her first known litter, she had one male cub which was the Rawum Wala 3:3 male. That cub was born in late 2013. He separated from her by early 2015, and no confirmed sighting was reported after that.

She bore two sons in her second litter and they were quite successful in surviving around the same area. They were born in early 2016 and were designated as the Rawum Wala 3:2 male and the Rawum Wala 1:1 male.

In July 2017, she was seen at Ruk Vila, mating with the Suduwelimulla 3:2 male.

In February 2018, she was seen with her third and last known litter of two cubs, who were about two months old in Meda Pāara and Gōnalahaba Ground. Those cubs are the Kaluwara Bōkkuwa 3:4 female and the Kaluwara Bōkkuwa 2:3 male. The Kosgasmankada 2:3 male had been tolerating the new cubs as she was able to share a buffalo kill which Kosgasmankada male made in February 2018 at Gonalahaba ground.

In April 2018, she tried to kill a stray dog in front of safari jeeps around Gōnalahaba Pitiya.

She was found living in a fairly large area, large even for a female. Those areas include Kotasiyabale, Andhun Oruwa Wewa, Yāla Junction, Gōnalahaba Ground, Ruk Vila, Rawum Wala 1 and 2, Karuwala Bōkkuwa, and Ākāsa Chethiya.

The female cub of her third litter did not survive but the male cub was a success. With the male cub, she started to move towards the South of block 1 by mid-2019. In the latter part of 2019, she was seen around Ruk Vila, Buthawa Pitiya, Rathmal Wala, and Karawgas Wala.

Since early 2020, there were no confirmed sightings of this female.



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