Kaluwara Bōkkuwa 2:3 Male (2017/18)

[Kaluwara = Ceylon ebony tree (Diospyros ebenum), Bokkuwa = culvert]

Kaluwara Bōkkuwa 2:3 male was born in late 2017, with his sister the Kaluwara Bōkkuwa 3:4 female. Their mother is the Rawum Wala 3:3 female (this is her 3rd known litter).

They were first photographed on the 7th of February 2018 near the Gōnalahaba Ground when their mother fetched the cubs to enjoy the buffalo kill made by the Kosgasmankada 2:3 male.

He grew to be well extroverted while his sister was a bit introverted. By mid-2019, this male cub and his mother started to move towards the South of Yāla block 1. In April, both of them were seen close to the Meynert Wewa and the Buthawa Plain. Thereafter, this male was seen at Karawgas Wala.  

In 2020, he was seen exploring a large area including Ūraniya, Welmalkema, and Kotigala. Occasionally he was seen with the Welmalkema 3:4 female, Siyambalagas Wala 3:3 female, Rathmal Wala 4:4 female, and Palugas Wala 4:2 female. In April 2021 he was seen mating with Palugas Wala 4:2 female around the Welmalkema area.



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