Palugas Wala 4:2 Female (2018)

[Palu = Ceylon Ironwood (Manilkara hexandra) , Gas = Tree, Wala = Waterhole]

Palugas Wala 4:2 female was born in late 2018, around Karawgas Wala and Ūraniya area with another sibling. Their mother was the Rathmal Wala 4:4 female (This is her first recorded litter).

They have been seen around Palugas Wala, Karawgas Wala, Vihanga Wala, Buthawa Plains, Buthawa Wewa area, Maliththankotuwa, and Rathmal Wala.

From September 2020 to December 2020, she was seen at the Galalukada Wewa area. Seems like she was looking for a territory out there, due to the high density of leopards in her birthplace. Anyways, she was seen again around Buthawa Plain, Karawgas Wala, Uraniya, and Welmalkema since the beginning of 2021. In April 2021, she was seen mating with Kaluwara Bōkkuwa 2:3 young male at Welmalkema. Since then she was seen around Karawagas Wala and Uraniya several times.



Leopard Trails Female