Rathmal Wala 4:4 Female (2014)

[Rathmal = Jungle geranium (Ixora coccinea) , Wala = waterhole]

Rathmal Wala 4:4 female is the sister of the famous Rathmal Wala 4:5 male (Harak Hora/Cattle Thief). They were first photographed together in 2014. There have been three cubs in their litter but only these two survived. Their mother is the legendary Siyambalagas Wala 3:3 female.

Since 2017, she started to maintain a territory that was highly overlapping with her mother’s territory. She has been seen around Gōnagala Road, Rathmal Wala, Karawgas Wala, Siyambalagas Wala, Ūraniya, Buthawa, and Buthawa Spill Road.

In June 2017, she was seen with the Meynert Wewa 4:4 female at Spill Road, which was quite an interesting behavior to be observing.

She gave birth to two cubs in 2019 as her first litter. Only one of the cubs survived by the end of 2020. That cub is the Palugas Wala 4:2 Female.

In December 2019 and January 2020, the Rathmal Wala 4:4 female and Welamlkema 4:4 female were seen sharing the same territory and living in harmony around Ūraniya Road (Not every day you get to see something like this as leopards are territorial creatures).

In February 2021, Rathmal Wala female’s second litter of two cubs were seen and photographed. They were seen around Ūraniya and Karawgas Wala in the following months.



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