Welmalkema 4:4 Female (2017)

Welmalkema 4:4 female is a well-known leopard among the safari community, due to her coolness towards jeeps. This behavior is the polar opposite of her mother, the Welmalkema 4:3 female.

This female has been the most seen and most photographed leopard since 2018, around the South of Yāla block 1. She was first seen around the Ūraniya area in May 2017. Then her mother took her to the Welmalkema area. By December 2019, the Rathmal Wala 4:4 female and Welamlkema 4:4 female started sharing the same territory and living in harmony around Ūraniya road (Considering the territorial nature of leopards, this is an unprecedented behavior). In January 2020, we were able to observe the same sighting, again!

In 2020, she was seen several times with the Kaluwara Bōkkuwa 2:3 male, around Welmalkema and adjacent areas.



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