Welmalkema 4:3 Female (2009)

This female is shy and infrequently seen. She is living around the areas of Welmalkema and Gōnagala – Jamburagala. She was born in 2009 around the Gōnagala area.

She managed to establish around the same area and her first known litter recorded in May 2017, when she was seen with a young female cub, the Welmalkema 4:4 female. The cub was about two months old around when it was seen near Palugas Wala of Ūraniya area. Later, she took her cub towards Welmalkema. 

In July 2020, at the Jamburagala – Gōnagala Road, she was seen with a young male cub, who is the Gōnagala Road 4:4 male.




Leopard Trails Female