Siyambalagas Wala 3:3 Female (2008)

[Siyambala = Tamarind (Tamarindus indica), Gas = trees, Wala = waterhole]

Siyambalagas Wala 3:3 female has been a literal kingmaker for the Yala block 1. She has proved herself as a successful mother summa cum laude by raising several cubs up to adulthood and those cubs became exceptionally successful, some even becoming legends in the process.

She has been one of the most sighted leopards in Yala block 1 for the last decade. Her territory includes the areas of Kotigala, Ūraniya Junction, Debaragas Wala, Lōlugas Wala, Siyambalagas Wala, Rathmal Wala, Karawgas Wala, Ūraniya Lagoon, Buthawa Plains, Maliththankotu Wala, and Welmalkema.

Siyambalagas Wala 3:3 female was first photographed in late 2008, as a sub-adult around Karawgas Wala and Palugaswala. But she was seen around Lōlugas Wala and Welmalkema areas too. Later, she managed to establish her territory in the same area.

She was photographed with her first litter of one cub in January 2012, at Ūraniya.

In 2014, she had a litter of three cubs (one male cub and two female cubs) out of which two of them survived to adulthood. The survived male cub is the Rathmal Wala 4:5 male (Harak Hora/Cattle Thief) and the female cub is the Rathmal Wala 4:4 female who has established a territory close to her mother’s. [Also check Buthawa 2:3 female]

In July 2017, she had her third known litter of one male cub, which was the Ūraniya Road 2:2 male cub (he didn’t survive).

She showed an interesting behavior in November 2017, she was seen mating with her own son, the Rathmalwala 4:5 male (Harak Hora/Cattle Thief).

Again she was seen on Kotigala, mating with the Weli Āra 2:2 male in April 2018. This time, the Karawgas Wala 4:4 female was also there trying to win the same male and the two females had to settle this with a fight. In November 2018, she was photographed with her fourth litter of three cubs around Lōlugas Wala. (designated as the Lōlugas Wala 3:4 female, Lōlugas Wala 2:2 male, and the Lōlugas Wala 4:3 male). In the year 20019 and 2020 she was seen with her cubs in her territory.

Since the beginning of 2021 she was not seen.



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