Lōlugas Wala 2:2 Male (2018)

[Lolu = Glue berry/Indian cherry (Cordia dichotoma), Gas = Tree, Wala = Waterhole]

Lōlugas Wala 2:2 male was first seen in November 2018, as a very young cub with his brother, the Lōlugas Wala 4:3 male, and sister, the Lolugas Wala 3:4 female. Their mother is Siyambalagas Wala 3:3 female and this is her fourth known litter.

They were seen around Ūraniya road, Debaragas Wala, Lōlugas Wala, Palugas Wala 1&2, Siyambalagas Wala, Welmalkema, and Kotigala.

Though his two siblings were seen recently, this male was last seen in early 2020.




Leopard Trails Male