Lōlugas Wala 3:4 Female (2018)

[Lōlu = Glue berry/Indian cherry (Cordia dichotoma), Gas = Tree, Wala = Waterhole]

Lōlugas Wala 3:4 female was first seen in November 2018, as a very young cub with her two brothers, the Lōlugas Wala 4:3 male, and the Lōlugas Wala 2:2 male. Their mother is the Siyambalagas Wala 3:3 female and this is her fourth known litter.

They were seen around Ūraniya Road, Debaragas Wala, Lōlugas Wala, Palugas Wala 1&2, Siyambalagas Wala, Welmalkema, and Kotigala.

In late 2020, she started to move towards the Palatupana Entrance and was sighted around Wilapalawa and Mahaseelawa. In the first half of 2021, she was seen around her born area of Ūraniya and Paluagas Wala area. In February 2021, she made a successful buffalo calf kill around. In March 2021, she was seen with an injury to her right neck area.



Leopard Trails Female