Weli Āra 2:2 Male

[Weli = Sand, Āra = stream or river]

Weli Āra 2:2 male was first photographed for identification in December 2017, near the Weli Āra Junction. He is quite easy to identify due to his short tail.

Weli Āra 2:2 male took the territory from the old Jamburagala 4:5 male in 2018 (since late 2018, the Jamburagala male was missing), and that territory includes the areas of Kotigala, Mahaseelawa, Kaetagal Wala, Jamburagala Road, and Weli Āra.

He was seen mating with the Tanki Gala 1:2 female in March 2019 at Weli Āra. This male was seen on the 4th of March 2019, with the Mahaseelawa 2:2 female and her two little cubs, around Bōla Gala in Jamburagala Road. Interestingly, after that sighting, neither Mahaseelawa 2:2 female nor her cubs were ever seen again.

In October 2020, he was seen together with another young male, the Lōlugas Wala 4:3 male, in Kotigala. He was tolerating this young male’s presence even at such proximity.

Throughout 2020, he made regular appearances in his territory of Weli Āra, Mahaseelawa, Kotigala, and Jamburagala Road.



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