Mahaseelawa 2:2 Female (2010)

[Mahaseelawa = name of an area]

Mahaseelawa 2:2 female was first seen and photographed in 2010, at Mahaseelawa with her brother, the Mahaseelawa 4:3 male (2010), and her sister, the Mahaseelawa 2:3 female (2010). She was observed to be a fairly shy female. She managed to establish her territory around Kudāseelawa, Mahaseelawa, Pattiya Wala, and Jamburagala Road.

She gave birth to her first known litter of a single male cub in 2014, Kaetegal Wala 2:3 male. She gave birth to her second known litter of two female cubs in 2015, around the areas of Mahaseelawa and Pattiya Wala. They were the Pattiya Wala 2:2 female and the Pattiya Wala 2:3 female. She mothered a litter of two male cubs in 2017, around Mahaseelawa. They are the Mahaseelawa 3:2 male 1 and Mahaseelawa 3:2 male 2. That was her third known litter.

Later, she was challenged for her territory by the Bōla Gala 2:2 female and the Kotigala 3:2 female.

In the months of March/April 2019, she was seen with two new cubs around Mahaseelawa and Jamburagala Road. That was her fourth known litter. On 4th March 2019, she was seen with her new cubs at the company of the Weli Āra 2:2 male (a dominant male) around Bōla Gala.

Later in 2019, one of the cubs was found dead. Since then, she and the other cub has not been seen in the area.



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