Bōla Gala 2:2 Female

[Bola = round in shape, Gala = rock]

Bōla Gala 2:2 female is not the kind of female leopard that is frequently seen. She was first photographed at Kudāseelawa in August 2016, mating with the Jamburagala 4:5 male.

Then in 2017, she was seen around the Jamburagala Campsite Road with one cub. In 2020, she had two cubs around Kudāseelawa and Pattiya Wala. Cubs are designated as the Kudāseelawa 1:2 female and Kudāseelawa 2:2 female.

In the months of September and October 2020, there were a few regular sightings of this female. Her territory includes the areas of Kudāseelawa, Mahaseelawa, Weli Āra, Pattiya Wala, Bōla Gala, Tanki Gala, Jamburagala Campsite Road and, Ginikasayā Wala.




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