Kudāseelawa 2:2 Female (2019)

[Kudāseelawa = name of an area]

Kudāseelawa 2:2 female was born in late 2019, with her sister, the Kudāseelawa 1:2 female. They have been the celebrities of the South of Yāla block 1 for the year 2020. Their mother is the Bōla Gala 2:2 female who is a shy female. This is her second known litter.

They are frequently seen around Kudāseelawa, Mahaseelawa, Weli Āra, Pattiya Wala, Jamburagala Road, and Tanki Gala. They were observed with the Wilapalawa 2:3 male several times. This female and her sister were seen around the above-mentioned areas in the early half of 2021 and were seen making few successful huntings.



Leopard Trails Female