Kudāseelāwa 1:2 Female (2019)

[Kudāseelawa = name of an area]

Kudāseelawa 1:2 female was born in late 2019, with her sister, the Kuādseelawa 2:2 female. They have been the celebrities of the South of Yala block 1 for the year 2020. Their mother is Bōla Gala 2:2 female who is a shy female. This is her second known litter.

They are frequently seen around Kudāseelawa, Mahaseelawa, Weli Āra, Pattiya Wala, Jamburagala Road, and Tanki Gala. They have been seen with the Wilapalawa 2:3 male several times. This female and her sister were seen around the above mentioned areas in early half 2021 and were seen making few successful huntings.




Leopard Trails Female