Wilapalawa 2:3 Male (2018)

[Wilapalawa is a man made tank]

Wilapalawa 2:3 male was born in late 2018, around Wilapalawa and Mahaseelawa. His mother is the Kotigala 3:2 female and this is her first recorded litter.

He is a bold male and earned the Most Photographed Leopard title for the year 2020. He was such a performer, showing a great attitude and confidence in the presence of safari vehicles. As a sub-adult, he was frequently seen around Wilapalawa, Mahaseelawa, Weli Āra, and Kaetagal Wala. There were a few sightings of him even outside the park (close to the Palatupana Entrance).

Few interesting behaviors were observed where this male was seen with the Kudāseelawa female cubs around the above-mentioned areas. In February 2021, there was an exciting sighting of a fail hunt of a buffalo calf made by the Wilapalawa male.



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