Tanki Gala 1:2 Female (2012/13)

[Gala = rock]

Tanki Gala 1:2 female was born in late 2012 and first photographed in mid-2013, around Tanki Gala. Available photographic evidence is too infrequent to build up her family lineage.

In April 2017, she was photographed with another adolescent female, the Kotigala 3:2 female. In August 2017, she was seen at Bōla Gala, mating with the Jamburagala 4:5 male, aka “Chandare”.

In March 2019, she was seen mating with the Weli Āra 2-2 male, at Weli Āra. Her territory includes the areas of Tanki Gala, Bōla Gala, Weli Āra, and Jamburagala Road.

After a long hiatus, she was seen again in June 2020, at Tanki Gala.




Leopard Trails Female

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