Kosgasmankada 2:3 Male

[Kos = Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus), Gas = trees, mankada = corridor/track]

This male was first sighted around Mōdharagala, in November 2016. Since then he was missing from that area. Due to the pressure from other big males around in his initial territory he had to move to the Southeast of the park.

In July 2017, he was photographed around the Suduwelimulla and the Kosgasmankada area, mating with the Yāla Junction 2:2 female.

In a blatant power move, he took a part of the territory belonging to the legendary male leopard, the Andhun Oruwa 3:3 male, aka “Hāmu”. It was easy for him to take over that territory as Hamu was old at that time.

He was seen around the areas of Kosgasmankada, Kotasiyabale, Andhun Oruwa, Yāla Junction, Suduwelimulla, Rakina Wala, Gōnalahaba Ground, Ruk Vila, and Medha Pāra.

He was such a talented performer as he possessed the skills to make two successful buffalo calf kills around Gōnalahaba Ground in January 2018, and at Yāla Wewa in April 2018.

After the first half of 2018, there are no confirmed sightings of this majestic leopard.




February 2018 at Gonalahaba plain

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