Yāla Junction 2:2 Female (2012)

Yāla Junction 2:2 female was first seen in March 2013, at Thalgasmankada with her mother, the Medha Para 2:4 Female. This female was active in Rawum Wala and Kotasiyabale until she grew to adulthood.

In 2014, she was seen at Rawum Wala area and around Kotasiyabale before she moved to Yāla Junction and Suduwelimulla, where the old Rakina Wala 2:2 female’s territory was ripe for picking.

She was seen mating with the Kosgasmankada 2:3 male in July 2017, around Suduwelimulla. She had her first litter of one cub in November 2017, and the cub was first seen in January 2018 at Suduwelimulla. Her 2017 cub is the Suduwelimulla 3:3 female.

Yāla Junction 2:2 female has been sighted at Andhun Oruwa, Yāla Junction, Yāla Wewa, River Road, Suduwelimulla, and Rakina Wala by the end of the year 2018. In March and April 2019, Yala junction 2:2 female was seen sharing a kill with the Pan Wala 2:2 male and the Mōdharagala 3:4 male, who were sub-adult males back then.

In April 2019, the Pan Wala 2:2 male and Mōdharagala3:4 male were observed to be interacting with the Yāla Junction 2:2 female and her daughter, the Suduwelimulla 3:3 female. Those two males shared few kills with the ladies.

On 21st August 2019, she was seen at Komā Wewa with a single cub who was a male (Her second litter). By that time, the cub was about three months old. But it was exciting to see her at Komā Wewa as this was not part of her territory by then according to our knowledge. At the end of 2019, this mother and male cub were seen a few times around Komā Wewa and Medha Pāra. Since the end of January 2020, the cub wasn’t seen around and the mother was observed screaming and looking out for the cub.

She was seen back at her initial territory of Yāla Junction and Suduwelimulla in February 2020. But occasionally she was seen around Rawum Wala and Komā Wewa. However, by the end of 2020, she was a regular female around the areas of Kaluwara Bōkkuwa, Rawum Wala, Kotasiyabale, and Komā Wewa.



Leopard Trails Female

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