Medha Pāra 2:3 Male

[Medha = central, Para = road]

Truly a force to be reckoned with, this fine specimen of a leopard was first sighted by our team in early 2013 (he was about four years old at the time). Even at that time, it was evident to us that he would in time grow to be a massive, powerful individual.

He gradually made his way north, towards Thalgasmankada, and eventually made it to the Mōdharagala area of the park. By 2019, he was observed expanding his territory. He was sighted in the areas of Sathmaga, Pemdas Vila, and New Road (The previous Lord of Sathmaga, the Sathmaga 3:4 male, wasn’t sighted in 2019. Therefore we have come to believe that the Medha Para 2:3 male overthrew him or killed him to take over his territory).

Now he has expanded his territory considerably around Kotasiyabale, Komā Wewa, Karuwala Bōkkuwa, Kotābendi Wewa, Thalgasmankada, Mōdharagala, Darshana Wewa, Pemdas Vila (in Sathmaga), New Road, Warahana, and Ākāsa Chetiya Road. The extent of his current territory speaks volumes about his capabilities.

Owning prime real estate has its obvious perks and this male was seen mating with an impressive array of females over a five-year period spanning from 2015 to 2020. Notable partners include Kotābendi Wewa 1:2 female, Thalgasmankada 2:3 female, Alikatupalassa 2:1 female, Modhara Gala 2:3 female, Sathmaga 2:2 female, and the Warahana 2:2 female 2.

With all these impressive achievements, there is not a shadow of a doubt that the Medha Paara 2:3 male is the one true “King of the North”

In April 2021 Pemdas Vila 3:4 male was seen at Modhara Gala which is in the prime territory of Medha Para male. It would be interesting to see their next moves. In the same month, this male was seen at Medha para with Modhara Gala 2:3 female.



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