Warahana 2:2 Female 2 (2013)

[Warahana = name of an area]

Warahana 2:2 Female 2 is a part of the famous cubs of Warahana 2013/14 litter. This female was first recorded in 2013, along with her two sisters (The Warahana 2:2 female 1 & the Warahana 3-3 female). Their mother was the Warahana 2:3 female. Once she became independent, she shared a part of her mother’s territory.

Later she expanded her territory from Warahana towards the New Road and Korawak Wewa.

She was seen with two males in 2017. In March 2017, she was spotted at the New Road with the Sathmaga 3:4 male. Later, in June 2017, she was seen mating with the Pahalahenthota 3:3 male, around Weli Wala and Korawak Wewa.

In late 2017, she gave birth to one male cub, who is now the New Road 2:2 male. This cub was first photographed in January 2018. He separated from his mother in mid-2019.

In December 2019, she was seen with the two cubs from her second litter at New Road, who was known as the Walas Wala 2:3 Male and Walas Wala 3:3 Female. Out of these two cubs, the female cub was found with an injured ear and was observed to be very weak by September 2020. There are no records of the female cub after that. The male cub can still be seen with the mother.



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