Walas Wala 2:3 Male (2019)

[Walas = bear, Wala = waterhole]

Walas Wala 2:3 male was born in late 2019, with his sister, the Walas Wala 3:3 Female. They were first seen and photographed in December 2019 at Aluth Pāra. Their mother is the Warahana 2:2 female 2 and this is her second litter.

After the heavy rains in December 2019, their mother took them towards Alikatupalassa and in February 2020, they were seen around that area.

In July 2020, the siblings were seen around the Aluth Pāra.

In August 2020, they were frequently seen at Gal Mandiya of the Aluth Pāra and at Walas Wala (His sister had lost her left ear by that time). Though his sister wasn’t seen with them since September 2020, this male and his mother were seen from time to time around Warahana and Aluth Pāra.




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