Pahalahaenthota 3:3 Male

[Pahalahenthota = name of an area]

This dominant male leopard rules over a big territory that stretches from the Katagamuwa Wildlife Sanctuary into the Northern Sector of block 1 and up to the Warahana Bridge adjoining block 2. He is fondly known as “Brutus” due to his massive size.

This male has been spending much of his time around the periphery of the park around Katagamuwa, extending into the buffer zone. This is likely due to increased competition and young males entering the Warahana area.

He was seen with the Warahana 2:2 female 2, mating at Weli Wala close to the Katagamuwa Entrance in August 2017.

He is a regular leopard around the Katagamuwa Park Office, Katagamuwa Sanctuary, and Sithulpawwa Road. He was seen mating with several females close to the Katagamuwa Entrance and inside the Katagamuwa Sanctuary.

After missing in action for a long time, in February 2020, Brutus made a sighting at Pahalahaenthota Junction. After that, there were few sightings of him in Katagamuwa Sanctuary close to Katagamuwa Entrance, in February and March 2020. In December 2020 he was seen in between Heen Wewa and Sithulpawwa temple along the Sithulpawwa road which leads us to reconsider his territory and his movements.



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