New Road 2:2 Male (2017)

New Road 2:2 male was born in late 2017 and was first photographed on 10th January 2018. His mother was the Warahana 2:2 female 2.

He was seen in his mother’s territory of New Road, Gerimas Pokuna, Alikatupalassa, Walas Wala, and Warahana, from 2018 until the first half of 2019.

By May 2019, he was observed to be thinner than the average leopard of his characteristics. For a few months, there were no records of this male until October 2019. He was seen and photographed close to Weli Wala near the Katagamuwa Entrance in October 2019.

There have been no records of this male, thereon.



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