Alikatupalassa 2:1 Female

[Alikatu = Thorn mimosa/Thorny acacia (Acacia nilotica), Palassa = scrub jungle]

Alikatupalassa 2:1 female was first seen at the Warahana and Dharshana Wewa Junction area during the months of February and March 2011. She is a confident female but prefers to keep her distance from the jeeps.

In 2016 November, she was seen mating with Medha Pāra 2:3 male at Mōdharagala. In April 2017, there was a sighting of her hunting a deer at Gerimas Pokuna. In June 2017, she had a very close encounter with the Kotābendi Wewa 2:3 female at the Warahana water hole, but there was no physical confrontation between the two ladies.

She might keep away from the spotlight but she sure does have a comparatively large territory. Her territory spans over the areas of Darshana Wewa, Mōdharagala, Warahana, Alikatupalassa, and Gerimas Pokuna.   

In April 2018, she was photographed at Alikatupalassa. She was observed to be limping at that moment. In August 2018, she was seen with her two grown male cubs (Alikatupalassa 2:2 male 1 and Alikatupalassa 2:2 male 2) at the Warahana water hole. Two cubs separated from their mother at the end of 2018.

In July 2020, there was a brief sighting of Alikatupalassa female with a cub at Warahana area. Although she was very protective about the cub, there were not many sightings of this cub, until early 2021. Still, there is no proper photographic evidence of this cub though the mother was seen several times.



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