Kotābendi Wewa 2:3 Female (2015)

[Wewa = tank/reservoir]

Kotābendi Wewa 2:3 female was born in the first half of 2015, around Kotābendi Wewa. When she was photographed for the first time with her mother (Kotābendi Wewa 1:2 female), she was very young. Roughly about three months old in July 2015.

Since then, she became one of the most confident female leopards in Yāla block 1 by that time. In November 2016, she was photographed with a fawn kill around Kotābendi Wewa. Even from a young age, this cub showed signs of great confidence and hunting skills that will benefit her in the future.

In 2017, this female moved to the Warahana area and there was a close encounter with the Alikatupalassa 2-1 female in June 2017, near the Warahana first water hole. There wasn’t any violence between them and they appeared to tolerate each other.

Though she was initially recorded around Kotābendi Wewa, Komā Wewa, and Medha Pāra, later in 2017, this female had been recorded around Walas Wala, Warahana Junction, and the Warahana Bungalow Road.

Since late 2017, there are no confirmed records of this female.




Kotabendhi Wewa 2:3 Female with her mother, Kotabendhi Wewa 1:2 Female

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