Alikatupalassa 2:2 Male 2 (2017/18)

[Alikatu = Thorn mimosa/Thorny acacia (Acacia nilotica), Palassa = scrub jungle]

Rumors were circulating about two leopard cubs around the Alikatupalassa campsite area in early 2018. There was no photographic evidence to prove their existence until an opportunity arose in November 2018. Alikatupalassa 2:2 male 2 happens to be one of those cubs. (Alikatupalassa 2:2 male 1 is his brother). Their mother is the Alikatupalassa 2:1 female.

The two brothers were living in the areas of Alikatupalassa, Warahana, and Gerimas Pokuna (which was their mother’s territory) until the end of 2018.

Last sighting of this male was in March 2019, at the Y – Junction.         




Leopard Trails Male