Sathmaga 2:2 Female

[Maga = road]

Sathmaga 2:2 female is a female who was rarely seen. Whenever she is in the vicinity of jeeps, she tries to avoid them thus making it hard to photograph her. She was first photographed in May 2017, around Pemdas Vila on Sathmaga for the identification.

In March and April 2018, she made a few appearances around Mōdharagala. On 12th April 2018, she was photographed with some wounds in her nose and around her right rear leg. Around the same time she was seen mating with Medha Paara 2:3 male at Modhara Gala. In June 2019 she was sighted at Warahana. In August 2019, she was seen close to Mōdharagala.

She was living elusively in a large territory. Due to lack of photography evidences, her litters or family lineages were not able to build up.




Leopard Trails Female

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