Thalgasmankada 2:3 Female

[Thal = Palmyra (Borassus flabellifer), Gas = trees, mankada = corridor/track]

Thalgasmankada 2:3 female was first photographed in February 2012, around the Thalgasmankada Bungalow Road. With the flow of time, she has proven herself to be a good and resourceful mother.

Her first litter included one very successful cub, which is the Thalgasmankada 2:2 female. In 2016, she begot another litter which turned out to be two female cubs. They are known as the Y – Junction female cubs (Y – Junction 2:2 female 1 and Y – Junction 2:2 female 2).

She was seen again in March and April 2019, around Darshana Wewa Junction. By that time, her exposed nipples meant that she was breastfeeding, indicating that she had a new litter. Her third litter was photographed later in 2019, with one male cub (Divul Kaele 3:3 male) and one female cub (Divul Kaele 2:2 female).

In July 2020, there was a fantastic sighting of her at the Darshana Wewa Junction, carrying a newly killed wild boar piglet. In September 2020, she was seen frequenting the Mōdharagala area with her cubs from 2019 litter, who were fully grown at the time. At the end of 2020, they separated and for few months there were no records of this female until April 2021 where we saw her at Y-junction.

She is seen around the areas of Warahana second water hole, Y – Junction, Thalgasmankda, Pan Wala, Mōdharagala, and Darshana Wewa.



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