Divul Kaele 2:2 Female (2019)

[Divul=Wood apple (Limonia acidissima), Kaele=forest]

Divul Kaele 2:2 female was born in early 2019, around the Y – Junction with her brother, the Divul Kaele 3:3 male. Their mother is the Thalgasmankada 2:3 female and this is her third known litter.

Since she was young, this female was more outgoing and cool around jeeps than her brother.

They were photographed around Y – Junction, Divul Mandiya, Darshana Junction, Mōdharagala, and Thalgasmankada area. Since September 2020, this whole family was frequently seen around Mōdharagala, which was not a part of her mother’s territory.

Since the early half of 2021, her brother was not seen in the area assuming his departure from the family. But this female was frequently seen around Thalgasmankada and Darshana Wewa area.



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