Y – Junction 2:2 Female 2 (2016)

She was first sighted as a roughly 2/3-month-old cub, on the 27th of August, 2016, crossing the road from Warahana 2nd water hole towards the Mōdharagala side with her sister, the Y – Junction 2-2 female 1 and her mother, Thalgasmankada 2:3 female. These two happen to be the second known litter of the Thalgasmankada 2:3 female.

Since February 2017, they made regular appearances in and around the Y – Junction, Darshana Wewa Junction, and the Thalgasmankada Junction. The sisters were the talk of the town in the North part of Yāla block 01 for the year 2017. The sisters parted ways from their mother at the end of 2017. And our subject made consistent appearances around the areas of Warahana, Thalgasmankada, Darshana Wewa, and Mōdharagala.

On the 10th of May 2018, she was sighted in the Warahana area with a freshly killed fawn.

She was observed frequently around the above-mentioned areas in the first half of 2019. Starting from early 2019, she started to explore the areas of New Road and Sathmaga. In June 2020, her first litter was recorded when she was sighted with a single male cub, around the New Road. That cub is the Weera Wala 2:3 male.

Currently, she can be spotted around Mōdharagala, Sathmaga, Pemdas Vila, New Road, and Kohombakema areas.

In January 2021, she was seen at Modhara Gala with another unrelated young female Agil Wala 2:2 female which was an interesting sighting. In April 2021 she was seen mating with Pemdas Vila 3:4 Male at Sathmaga close to Pemdas Vila.



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