Pemdas Vila 3:4 Male (2015)

[Vila = lake]

Pemdas Vila 3:4 male was first photographed in March 2016, close to the Pemdas Vila at Sathmaga. At that time, it was a young leopard who was about 6 months old. His mother is unknown yet.

He was seen around the same area in November 2018, several times.

In 2019 and 2020, he was seen again around the same area and some other areas which are Pemdas Vila, New Road, Sath Vila Road, and Warahana.

In early 2020, he was seen close to Gerimas Pokuna. At that time, cubs of the Warahana 2:2 female 2 were also in the neighbourhood and she was trying to avoid confronting him by moving her cubs towards Alikatupalassa.

In September 2020, he was seen close to Walas Wala with another shy female. He is not the most habituated of leopards towards safari jeeps as of yet. In April 2021, he was seen mating with Y – Junction 2:2 Female 2 around Sathmaga close to Pemdas Vila. Then later in the same month, he was photographed at Modhara Gala. (Medha Para 2:3 male was also seen at Modhara Gala around the same time of April 2021)



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