Y – Junction 2:2 Female 1 (2016)

Y – Junction 2:2 female 1 was first seen on the 27th of August 2016, crossing the road from Warahana 2nd water hole towards the Mōdharagala side. She was roughly about 2/3 months old at that time and was seen with her sister the Y – Junction 2:2 female 2 and her mother, the Thalgasmankada 2:3 female.

Since 2017 February, they made constant appearances in and around Y – Junction, and between Darshana Wewa Junction and Thalgasmankada Junction.

They were the star leopards in the North of block 1 for the year 2017.

From mid-2018 until March 2019, she wasn’t spotted by us. In March 2019, she was photographed at the Warahana Bungalow Road, close to the bridge.

No records exist since then.



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